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Monday, November 30, 2009

Carlos finally posted new pics from his latest photoshoot[: on myspace!
click for full size[:

8:42 PM

Friday, November 27, 2009

So last night i slept so late,haha.I was spreading the word about Carlos xD i went to this site called where you talk to random's kinda scary at first but funny.I did the same thing to like 5 other people,telling them to check out Carlos. xD i loved this one cuz the dude called him "attractive" lmfao.even if he is!Also go comment the cbox on what yu thought && vote in the poll.[:

12:30 PM

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Carlos left a new saynow wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving and to pig out. Lol.

3:56 PM

We have a new section up,it's Carlos Bio with his Official links.When we get the Poll to have 10 votes we will see what our next section will be[: So Far ___ of the Month is winning.But we don't know what the blank spaces are Lol.Comment us in the CBox so see what you prefer.(fan of the month,pic of the month,site of the month,or video of the month) && hope everyone is having a HAPPY THANKSGIVING<3 & of course one of the people i am trully thankful for is Carlos Olivero,i love him with all my corazon and i will speak for Anna and say she loves him as much also.[:


3:28 PM

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

lately carlos has been posting random tweets,out of nowhere.Yes,some have meanings & yes i know what they are ^.^ sorry i wish i can say but i won't.Do not want to ruin anything for Carlos.[:
His latest tweet was: " tryna get to uuuuuuuu and that monkey "
which Anna believes is from a song "U & Dat" by E40 &nd TPain [:

PS:We hope that Carlos notices the site soon.if you can help us make him notice it,it would mean the world to us :D


1:14 PM

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hello welcome to Carlito Olivero Online[: a brand new site for Carlos Olivero :D which he is currently in the works for an upcoming album.The site is ran by Katy and Anna.& if we get an answer it will be co-owned by Sasheka.Look around and tell us what you think in the chatbox.Email us if you would like to become affies,or if you would like to ask us any question.

1:06 PM

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Hopefully we get a shoutout from Carlos[:


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